SSD Photography Case Study

Business Objective

Our objective was to develop a dynamic website where details, emotions, and memories of your wedding event which we have captured on our cameras, can be perfectly preserved and can be viewed, edit, and relieved at any time you wish. Through this website other users can also check out the new ideas and implement them in their wedding. Basically it’s a win win situation for everyone.

Business Challenges

Content Management

Content management is an application that is used to manage allowing multiple users to create, edit, and publish. Organising and maintaining collections of unstructured content is one of the chief challenge.

Database Security

Everyone takes security very seriously. Database security is aimed at the protection of the information stored at the databases. This was one of the key challenges for developing this website.

Photo & Video Collection Manager

Challenge of managing, editing, and publishing photos and videos in one platform was a difficult task. But having a team of professional designers and developers made it easier to face the challenge and overcome it.

Business Solution

To build a successful SSD Photography portfolio website, our team faced all the challenges and worked so hard to overcome each of it. From handling content management and database security, our team coordinated with the client and started to work on it.

Key Features

Client Testimonials

New photography trends

Setting up locations ahead
of time

Use of new equipments
to make wedding video


SSD Photography is a dynamic website developed for showcasing their years of experience of making high quality cinematic style wedding films, videos to evoke the emotions of the day again and make it memorable for users.

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