Pets-Registration Case Study

Business Objective

The Application Pets-Staging provides the functionality to generate certificates for your pets. Pets-Staging is designed to replace the traditional way to register your pets. It also provides consistent data of all pets through the city. This application will be used by municipal corporations as well as the pet owners.

Business Challenges

Focus on the user experience

Mobile application required a revamp to its user experience to modernize its look, navigation and app flows, and user onboarding experience.

Ensuring complete compliance

Considering the nature of this app and its core functionality, data security was a major—and mandatory—consideration.

Developing a product roadmap

It was essential to make sure the client and our internal development team were on board with the approach.

Business Solution

By understanding each subsequent step—from design to user testing to launch to post-launch—we could execute against specific deadlines and budget constraints.

Key Features

Digitalised Procedures

Fast and secure payment

Provide transparency

Easy to use

provide multi-user access


The pet owner fills the registration form, and makes the payment. The submitted form goes through some verification/approval procedure. After completion of this cycle, the owner received the pet registration certificate. The new process was made easy to use and time saving.

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