Inventory Management Case Study

Business Objective

Our main objective was to create an application for managing the inventory of products, where users will be able to create purchase and sale orders. The main aim of this website is to keep the stock in such a way that it is neither overstock nor understock so that production should not suffer at the time of customers demand. To keep material cost under control as they contribute to reducing the cost of production and also to eliminate duplication in ordering stocks.

Business Challenges

Stock Management

Everyday there’s countless hacking attempts, through which automation opens the door to vulnerability. Being aware of these risks and understanding that everyone is vulnerable, being proactive is the best solution. We gave our best to remove this issue permanently.

Product Management

As a challenge, there was tension between short and long term product management objectives which was time constraining and was lacking in control of product management was a great challenge at that time.

Data Security

Data Tampering, Eavesdropping and Data Theft, Falsifying User Identities, Password-Related Threats were some of the sub challenges we faced in data security.

Business Solution

Building a successful inventory management website requires thorough process. By facing all the challenges and working so hard to overcome each of it, our team handled Stock management, Product management, and data security, coordinated with the client to ensure successful delivery.

Key Features

Purchase Product

Sale Product

Return Product

Coupon system

Special Transfer Feature



Inventory management is a dynamic website developed for saving paper and providing transparency, so that it would be easier for users to purchase and sale orders. It is a web application for admin, staff, supplier, and professional.

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