Ambar Monica Case Study

Business Objective

Our objective was to develop an eye catching website which can showcase Ambar Monica handicrafts, murals, art, clay crafts and design and to spread their message of expressing ourselves in clay and also develop cognitively.

Business Challenges

Multiple user load

Because of the multiple traffic visitors website was running low so it was our challenge to handle multi users load. With the help of our talented professionals, we were able to overcome this challenge and were able to maintain multiple user accessibility.

Database Management

In the last few years, data volumes have grown and the way we use data has changed. As a challenge to us, our team worked and found a solution to manage the amount of data generated.

Website Quality

High-quality content creation is a proven way to build an audience and grow. Generating a high quality website contains a unique set of challenges. But our specialist worked according to the clients requirements and was able to overcome these obstacles.

Business Solution

The solutions for the challenges we faced helped us to increase website loading speed, productivity and fast database accessing. All the targets were fully achieved with the help of our professional developers and project managers.

Key Features

Easy to Showcase our products

Better UI/UX

Easy to manage website

Best performance


Ambar Monica is a dynamic website, developed for showcasing, teaching and reviving traditional and modern crafts while still being accepted into the complex urban structure. Developing this website helped users to decrease travel cost, paperwork.

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